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Drift Mania Street Outlaw – Awesome Racing Game

Racing game is among the most available games for mobile market this day; with better still modern technology on your smartphone now you can have a top quality racing game within your device easily because a lot of titles already come out over the recent time. You will find quite numerous popular title that offer entertaining race, cool car, excellent graphic, and of course challenging game play. One of these is Drift Mania Street outlaw, with straightforward game play and fairly nice graphic you are able to race by using so many cars within your Android device. Let’s find out what the game has to offer below.


Drift Mania Street Outlaw take you in to a intense battle on the street where so many reckless outlaw race their freaking vehicle dangerously. That’s of course, the best things you’re able to do for those who have impressive cars. you will play as among the racer, with your ride, you can challenge your mates to drift battle and the like. Giving realistic graphic and control just as the developer said it, the game pretty challenging to master considering that all vehicle have various feel as well as capability. The control is straightforward enough as you don’t need to hop, kick, or strike someone hard.

Drift Mania Street Outlaw contain unique track and it’s also based upon actual location like Japan, desert, pine alp in Swiss, and much more. you need to grasp every corner to be able to win the race while using the right car. Once you win the competition additionally you can buy upgrade for your car to transform it into an incredible racing machine. To boost your experience, additionally you can tuning your vehicle to suit your driving style, this tune is necessary if you feel like your car doesn’t cooperate with you well, specifically if you are sucks.

Like I said before the control is easy, you can see the virtual button in your screen plus change it as you like using the tilt control and many control modes. You are able to have fun with your friends to find out who has the top driving skills over the multi-player mode you can also compete against lots of stranger using the online mode. If you’re making some good record, your name will be over the Global Leader board and you will be famous, however no one will know who the hell you are anyway. This game offer you excellent graphic, entertaining gameplay, and quite interesting track. You’ll be able to get the game on Google Play for just $0.95.

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