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Fast and Furious the Game – Now Free!

Quick car, woman, the noise of the engines, everything you see from the movie is pretty awesome without a doubt if you’re a big race fans. Fast Furious the game is the official game for the popular Fast and Furious series, with lots of excellent car, fascinating race, and gorgeous graphic this game has become free on Google Play. In case you don’t have a chance playing it within the first-time the game is launched, now you may grab it without need to pay any penny today. Let’s see how good this game is beneath.


On this game you’ll play as the crew on the Fast and furious which will proceed through lots of dangerous street racing with your car. Much like other car racing video game, in the beginning you’ll be given some cash to buy your first car, the first car maybe slow but you can update it as well as make it a lot more faster by adding more machine, personalize it with fresh paint and also decal, and more. if you had plenty of money that’s you can get through winning the race, you can aquire a new car and fill your garage with those racing machine.

You can aquire lots of car including the one which from the movie itself, those top end machine are totally customize and you can even collect them all if you have money. There are numerous customizations that you can get like tire, color, body, and much more. You need to rule the event to acquire coin and gold to afford those craps. The control is simple and nicely responded, there’s not very much to detail about the control given that well everbody knows all racing game comes with the same control for sure.

The graphic is what makes this game very worth the cost, very detailed however some cars may look a bit weird to me. The movements and the animation pretty well made and will pump your excitement for sure. If you’re looking to get a decent car race game especially if you are followers of fast and furious series then the game is definitely what you have been looking for. You could compete against your friend and another player in the online mode and become the top driver if you can naturally to stay on top of the leader boards. If you wish to play this game, you can grab it on Google Play for free.
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