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Hero Academy – Fun Strategy Game

If you enjoy turn base strategy game just as the past day where RPG use turn base fight perhaps you must check out some game on Google Play. There are numerous game that you could pick that contain turned based strategy gameplay and combat. One of these is Hero Academy designed for Android; this game has a lot of unique characters for example knight, archer, mage, and many more. you are able to create your own team of troop to wipe out your friends or random foe to get cool reward. Let’s check out what this game provides below.


Basically, the game is a turn based strategy game where you need to create your own team of heroes, deploy it, as well as combat your enemy. Nonetheless, there are numerous things you can do beside fight your way out to glory. Plenty of unique personas are available for you to trains and hire. If you like the kind of game where you could see Dwarf, Orc, and Goblin fighting human therefore Hero academy is what you will be trying to find. Easy to learn along with challenging strategy certainly make this game quite fun to play for everybody.

There are numerous heroes that you could train and also recruit such as knight, archer, mage, and also monster. These heroes provides various capability as well as power, you must place them correctly in combat since each and every heroes has their weakness. You have to think very carefully before you’ll build your team, harmony troops are required as you never know just what the enemies’ crew will look like. Much like a different sword as well as magic game, Mage contains small hp but has good magic damage whereas knight contains excellent hp as well as armor together with standard attack, you need to figure out the perfect combination for your team.

You can train and get some new team when you obtain some expertise from dealing with the opponents. This kind of upgrade and train allow you to recruit stronger armies for your team. There are several branch for every type of troops. The best part on this game is that you could always play it along with another foe through the multiplayer mode, talk to your opponent in game, and locating a random opponent any time. You are able to invite your friends to play along to find out who have the perfect heroes academy team for sure. If you’d like to play the game, you’ll be able to download in Google Play for free.
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