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Blood and Glory – slashing hit from Glu Entertaiment

by Dmitry Legostaev

Blood and Glory is Glu’s latest absolutely free title, also it takes primary ideas coming from iOS mega-hit Infinity Blade. The actual gameplay is similar, if not equivalent; competitors are inside one-on-one battlegrounds towards a gladiatorial challenger, avoiding, shielding, along with parrying hits that allows you to stun the enemy to be able to unleash combinations on them. Combats are positioned as a part of contest ladders, in which participants need to eliminate many enemies consecutively to succeed, obtaining cash to pay out on completely new objects for example weapons, shields, as well as helmets. Blood and glory free rubies work as this game’s credits, being utilized to buy coins, unique objects, and potions meant for recovery as well as statistic buffing. They can be received by way of ranking up up, as a result of completing Tapjoy offers, and also paying for all of them.

Blood and Glory could possibly be familiar, however the gameplay really does work nicely here, as well as offers more of challenging. Without powerful spells, together with smaller sized parrying windows compared to it’s progenitor, it is a lot more tricky. At a minimum potions, yet not really cheap to have, could be used mid-match as well. The video game should appear pretty good on the apple ipad tablet along with Retina Monitor. A good amount of helpful battle suits and also weaponry can be obtained irrespective of the principle of this app remaining ever-so-slightly more grounded actually, including one particular shield that could make Ed Gein proud.

The game play might have accomplished perfectly in order to differentiate it’s product a bit more when compared to as it currently stands. Even while it’s structurally different, the particular gameplay cuts near enough it happens to be in that type of being a duplicate. While unlike the Ninja Fishing controversy, no one is going to be weeping for Epic and ChAIR Entertainment, especially because they’ve said to be made above $20 million via Infinity Blade. Yet, generally, it’s comparable, and more variations in gameplay so it will be a unique video game would have been appreciated. In addition, this video game will be very challenging play at no cost for some time, because potions are just offered with the in-app credits system. Actually, a lot of cash will have to be spent in order to research the game’s depths, especially with tournaments that will cost you massive amounts of gems to go into. Although doing several objects pricey is actually component for the course for different freemium Glu video games and it is completely okay beside me, creating potions only available by means of credits that happen to be occasionally supplied in-game doesn’t sit well to me.

Sure, it’s generally Infinity Blade enclosed in a Glu premium cover. Yet Infinity Blade was really enjoyable, and Blood and Glory follows much the same route to function equally engaging gameplay. As the premium features providing a glorified paywall after a almost no time turns out to be about the annoying aspect, this is a great stopgap those of you that are tired of slaying the God Master, and need something to play when they lose time waiting Infinity Blade 2. Android owners could easily get much more pleasure out of this, as their platform does not have Infinity Blade totally.

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