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Ninja Revenge – Exciting Free Arcade Game

by Rendy Rembana

If you’d like to become ninja and learn each of the stealth skill which is awesome you may ever play the game Tenchu in PS 2 and also PS 3, however I’m not speaking about that awesome game here because probably it’s too complicated for your cell phone. Ninja Revenge is a simple game where you must kill a bunch of enemies with your skill to get the top point. You are able to jump, kick, strike, toss a throwing star, and much more. Though the themes is similar to popular anime Naruto, in some way this game has it’s own creativity. If you wish to know more, let’s check out what the game has to offer under.


On Ninja Revenge you’ll play as a skilled ninja who seek revenge for his killed wife. From that objective you’ll then head to a cruel world where lot’s of assassin coming around to get rid of you using blade as well as knife. Nonetheless, you from the other hand have a lot more skill than they will anticipated, along with your glowing Ninja Blade you’ll kill these assassin to release you anger without a doubt. Simply, Ninja Revenge is surely an arcade side scrolling game where you could punch and defeat a number of enemies in front of you.

Using simple control as well as navigation, the gameplay is quite fun and quite challenging. You will see the virtual button on your screen which you could jump, punch, and do other stuff easily. the opponent may come for you in every single direction, sometimes from above and often from behind. As your enemies are assassin, they will use their ninja skill toward you and it’s really challenging to stay away from that threatening skill as well as traps. The enemy is starting from samurai, another ninja, guy which has a mask, and much more. once you kill them, you will notice some blood split on the floor for sure.

The graphic is simple and really entertaining, 2D toon with a lot of character onto it. Beside the regular attack, you will also find some power ups that will help you kill many of the enemies. There are lots of utilities and power up which you can use ranging from Bomb, power, and much more. Tons of objective ready to be complete whilst you seeking to get revenge on the enemies and also at specific stage you will have to fight the boss mob too. This game is fun to play, straightforward fast pace control, there’s also a global leader board and achievement to compete with. If you’re looking to get a straightforward fun game available for Android especially if you like Ninja, then this game is for you. You are able to grab the game on Google Play For Free.

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