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Pet Alliance – Good Pet Game

The adorable monster plus the vicious one will make you so exciting when they come to battle each other, as you enjoy Pokemon where you love to watch Pikachu defeat another monster. There are numerous these kind of game on Android, take for example Dragon city, Monster Warlord, plus much more. Amongst those games, there’s one game that really catches my curiosity as Pokemon fans, that game would be Pet Alliance. Pet alliance has a lot of adorable monster, entertaining adventure, and gorgeous graphic for sure, if you want to find out more check out the details below.


On Pet alliance you will begin as being a young trainer who has a dream to become a top trainer eventually clearly. At first, as with every other pet fighting games you need to choose your companion or monster to be battling for you. There are 3 sort of monster and each has various power as well as weakness. I choose the grass type at the moment the one that look like a freaking onion. Remember that before you choose them, you must know which type you would like to use so you’ll developed your monster effectively later on.

After you choose the first pet, then you certainly will be provided an egg to be hatched. So why you’re acquiring these egg instead of powerful monster, that simply because all monster at Pet Alliance need to be hatched first on the pet center. Each and every egg has different grade and the greater color the egg seems to have, much better monster is simply within. At first you simply get a common egg which contains a weak monster. Once you pick the egg, you must feed him/her to hatch it. The hatching processes need some kind of energy drink to get fed for your egg, when you didn’t own these drink you won’t be capable to hatch your pet.

There is a mini game after you feed your egg where you must guess where the hell the monster is on the random flip cards. If you figure it right, you are able to claim your pet in your possession.You will after that go for your first battle together with your monster. There’s nothing that you can do in the battle besides watching it, nevertheless the animation is beautiful and the monster definitely cute. You can easily enjoy the game by seeing your pet fight one another in a battle. Your pet are able to evolve and each of them of them contains various skill etc. Pet Alliance is offering fun game play, beautiful graphic, and plenty of cute monsters. If you’d like to play it you are able to download the game on Google Play for free.

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