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Real Steel World Robot Boxing

If you are looking for some awesome game for your Android perhaps you should check out Real Steel World Robot Boxing. If you ever watched the movie you probably know that Real Steel is about some cock fighting using a robot. Some of you maybe want to own those robot and do the battle like in the movie, well if you are one of the fans this game is definitely what you are looking for. Offering gorgeous graphic and simple game this game really shine on Google Play and sitting on the top of play pick for today. Let’s see what this game has to offer below.


Just like in the movie, in this game you will own one giant robot which you control and customized. You will then need to fight another robot on a boxing match which is pretty interesting to watch. You can own your own robot including customizing the look of it. There are several fighting machine that you can pick with each has different power and capability. You main goal on this game is simple, defeat every single enemies in front of you and become the champion.

However, the control is well pretty much easy but hard to master. You can see several buttons on your screen to punch, kick, move, and do your special move. Once you gain more credit from the fight, you can buy more move and more powerful machine for sure. There are about 10 arenas that you can use within this game; each has different background and also atmosphere. You can choose to play the main character on the movie or the opponent which look pretty much cooler than the original character. The design is well made and surely will entertain your eyes for sure.

The graphic is no doubt one of the best aspects for this game, a gorgeous 3D graphic with cool effect. You can see you robot skin, decal, and movement clearly and nicely. Several robots even look like a killing machine for sure and can make some great move in the arena. There are several modes that you can play with including Championship, Time Attack, Daily exhibition, and free sparring. You can play and fight your friend on the free sparring mode, or you can challenge random opponents to sit on the Global Leader Board Ranking. If you want to play this game, you can download it On Google Play for free.Rendy Rembana is one of the author at Paseban Portal. Covering information, review and tips about Mobile Apps and Games

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