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Juices Cubes – Funny Puzzle Game

by Rendy Rembana

With so many games available for Android there‘s a big chances you will play a lot of them and try to finding a good one. So many free games with different genres readily available for you to play including: puzzle games, racing games, and more. If you are looking for some good game for your Android perhaps you need to check out Juices Cubes, this fun puzzle game offer simple gameplay and interesting graphic. You can see so many fruit for sure and also this fruit comes with different shapes. Let’s see what this game has to offer below.


Basically the gameplay is simple, you need to connect several cube to make a point either its straight lines, vertical, or horizontal. This cube has different color and shape; also they come with the shape of fruit. The puzzle is pretty challenging and somehow fun to play. You will spend lots of time finishing each puzzle since when you know how to play it, it can be quite addicting. Once you manage to properly connect the cube you can see some awesome fruit explosions for sure. There are lots of different fruit explosions for you and it will surprise you.

There are various levels on Juice Cubes, the level take setting on a paradise island where you can meet pirate, mermaids, treasure, and more. Along with the good music on each level, your puzzle solving activity will surely make you feel like you’re on vacation or something. Very colorful level with cute fruit and also challenging level to complete make Juices Cube fun to play on your relax time. You can also compare you scored with your Facebook friends to find out who has the best scores. You can also compete with another player in the global leader board.

Even though the graphic and gameplay are simple, somehow Juice Cube offers fun and quite addicting level. There are various things you can find that you didn’t expect; even a witch will come to you. There are lot of puzzle game out there and Juices Cube is among the best of them. If you want to enjoy your spare time and relax with your Android device then you can play Juice Cube for free. you can unlock new islands, new characters, and also various other achievement. If you want to play this game, you can download this game on Google Play for free.

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