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Toast Time

Toast Time – simple gameplay, fun graphics

Toast Time is a fun Android game featuring simple gameplay, fun graphic, and of course lot’s of level to play. If you are looking for a fun game to waste on your Android smartphone, Toast Time is one of the best out there for sure. Using its unique graphic as well as character you will take into the bizarre adventure world beyond the Toast Time.There are various simple challenges for you to try and each has different style and feels, not only you need your swift finger you will also need to think carefully to complete each level. Let’s see what this game has to offer below.

In this game you will play as one of the ingredient for making food, you will use bread weapon, sugar weapon, and more to defeat the enemies. There are various food that you have to deal with and each has more than power to defeat you. Various recipe and ingredient will be used to complete the mission and you need to successfully manage the outcome. The gameplay is similar with Angry bird where you need to launch several character to destroy all the object in front of you.

There are more than 45 missions to complete plus the coffee time bonus where you can complete the level with good score. More than 15 unique weapons that made from bread also will add your hour of fun on Toast time, these weapons has so many effect and method of attack when it launched. If you want to launch and blast your breakfast into the air, you need to play Toast time to pull out your stress for sure. With simple graphic and of course unique gameplay, Toast Time will be your next favorite game for sure.

There are various obstacles that you need to deal with including shooting laser, fire, explosive device, and even more. Your toast will be running and jumping all over the place to avoid those obstacle for sure. Even when the bread weapon is launched, it won’t help you survive the obstacle. There are various power up and also global leader board ranking to make you keep excited. Besides that, there are several things you can do on Toast Time including burning the laser, shoot toast bread, jumping the fire, and even more fun for sure. If you want to play this game, you can download it on Google Play for $2.41.

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