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Zombies Eat My Friends – Fun Arcade Game

With the amount of zombie games available there are various kind and designs for you who love to defeat and jump to the zombie apocalypse. Be it strategy game, racing game, arcade game, or perhaps a easy mini game. if you love this sort of zombie game, perhaps you have to have a look at one of the most favourite zombie game available for Android, Zombies Eat My Friends. before today, you need to buy the game to play it, nevertheless since Google has some special offer for you, now you can download it on Google Play for free. Let’s check out what this game is offering below.


One of the best things on this game is that you can create your own heroes and indeed with a lot of variety you can create your very own unique look for the character. Basically, the game is an arcade beat ‘em up game where you have to kill numerous of zombie around you using numerous weapons that available for example jigsaw, guns, laser, grenade, and much more. Even though the game play is really straightforward, nevertheless the level s quite challenging and there are so many enemies that you’re going to deal with.

There are numerous clothes you could acquire which include hat, glasses, face mask, hair, cloth, and even more in making your character different. You can utilize all type of weapon in order to survive on this cruel world since the zombie will definitely eat your brain when you meet them. Beside zombies there are also yet another monster that is going to chase you including werewolf, mummy, and more. The number of the enemies grow to be insane as soon as you progress over the level, and you need to very carefully safe your ammo and move the finger instantly to eliminate them all.

The artwork for Zombie Eat my friends is pretty awesome, a cool 2D cartoon with so many element. The level and also background appears frightening enough and the monster surely will make you want to see more. if you need to securely survive, you may also holding up in your safe house to create a defense from the zombie wave, nonetheless once you have enough guts you can head over to the outside to loot and find some important goods within the streets. Several items have to be purchases by real cash, but overall the game itself is fun to play without a doubt. If you want to play this game, you can grab it on Google Play for free.

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